Water Transfer Printing Shop.Hydro Dipping.That’s Our Specialty.

splashed hydrographics front sign with building in the background, hydro dipping business in akron with the splashed hydrographics sign in the front and building in the background,

About Us:

Splashed Hydrographics is a water transfer printing shop located in Akron, Ohio.

Our specialty is using water transfer printing aka hydro dipping to give your projects new life.

Water transfer printing allows us to apply printed designs onto three dimensional surfaces.

Therefore we can hydro dip pretty much anything you have.

Things We Have Hydro Dipped:

  • Motorcycle Parts For Custom Bikes
  • Guns, Crossbows, & Other Weapons
  • Custom Rims
  • Car Parts

picture if a hydro dipped motorcycle part with naked women graphic, water transfer printed motorcycle part with a black and white naked women graphic printed on it, splashed hydrographics

picture of a hydro dipped customization for an indian motorcycle that is matte black, picture of splashed hydrographics professionals working on a indian motorcycle customization, water transfer printing

splashed hydrographics gun rack going into the water transfer printing stage, picture of a weapon rack being hydro dipped with a camouflage print pattern, hydro dipping, water transfer printing

picture of a weapons rack with camouflage weapons on it after being hydro dipped, water transfer printing on weapons, splashed hydrographics water transfer printing on a rack of weapons

picture of a motorcycle gas tank after being hydro dipped with a black and white women graphic, splashed hydrographics motorcycle tank after being water transfer printed on

picture of a white and orange motorcycle part that was water transfer printed on, splashed hydrographics water transfer printing job on some motor cycle parts with weapon racks in the background, hydro dipping motorcycle parts white and orange