Hydrographics.Bring Your Project To Life.

What Does Hydrographics Mean?

hydrographics, picture of a rack of weapons that are white and about to get camouflage hydrographics put onto them

Hydrographics is another word for Water Transfer Printing, or Hydro Dipping.

These words refer to the process of printing elaborate designs onto 3D objects using water, and special vinyl prints.

This process can be used for many different applications, and is a very durable way to decorate almost any object.

Examples of Applications of Hydrographics:

MilitaryOutdoors & HuntingAutomotive/MotorcycleCamouflageCustom Work

Note: If you can paint it, you can most likely dip it!

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How Does The Hydrographics Process Work?

hydrographics, picture of the process of hydro dipping with the vinyl on the water in the top image and the white weapons rack dipped into the water in the second picture with the weapons turned camouflage in the last picture

The Hydrographics process is a printing technique that starts with laying a poly vinyl film on top of water. This vinyl film contains your design of choice.

After the vinyl film design on top of the water, a chemical activator is sprayed over the surface of the water.

This chemical activator turns your vinyl design into floating ink.

Once your design becomes floating ink, you just dip your object into the water and the design is printed onto your object.

The last step is to give your object a nice clear coat in order to protect the finish.

This clear coat comes in matte, satin, and glossy finish.

Note: The Clear Coat Finish Durability Can Be Compared To An Automotive Clear Coat.

What Do You Use Hydrographics For?

hydrographics, picture of a weapons rack that was dipped with camouflage hydrographics

Hydrographics are a very way to decorate almost any object, therefore it is used in many different ways.

Some Examples For Using Hydro Dipping Are:

Customizing Your Car Interior/ExteriorStyling Your MotorcyclePainting Your Wheels/RimsMaking Your Weapon CamouflageTurning Your Project Into An Elaborate Design

Camouflage, carbon fiber, floral, flames, skulls, and even custom patterns can be printed with hydrographics.

Which means you can pretty much take any object you want, and “print” thousands of designs onto it.

Never have a boring project again, just hydro dip it.

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