Water Transfer Printing.Turning Water Into Artwork.

What Is Water Transfer Printing?

collage of water transfer printing examples with pictures of white weapons camouflage weapons and motorcycles that were decorated with water transfer printing

Water Transfer Printing (aka hydro dipping) is a surface printing process that allows elaborate graphics to be applied to the surface of most 3D objects.

Hydrographics Such As:

  • Camouflage
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Skull Prints
  • Wood Grain
  • Many Design Patterns

Can now become the surface of your project. Just pick a design, and watch if come to life.

Some Objects You Can Use Water Printing On:

  • Motorcycle Parts (Gas Tank/Fairing/Parts)
  • Sporting Equipment (Guns/Cross Bows/Rifles)
  • Musical Instruments (Guitars/Drums)
  • Auto, Truck, RV Parts (Rims/Panels/Parts)
  • Furniture

Note: If you can dip it in water you can most likely use water printing to decorate it!

How Does Water Transfer Printing Work?

Water transfer printing starts by using a vinyl film with elaborate ink designs on it.

Next you place your vinyl film on the surface of the water.

Once your design vinyl is down, a chemical activator is sprayed across the surface of the water.

When the vinyl is sprayed it makes the ink from your design float on the top of the water.

Now that the ink is floating, you just dip your 3D object into the water, and your design is the surface of your object.

The final step is to apply a clear coat in order to protect the finish. This clear coat usually comes in:

  • Matte Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Satin Finish

Note: The Clear Coat Is About As Durable As Clear Coating Used On Automobiles.

What Can You Use Water Printing For?

water transfer printing, picture of a motorcycle with graphics that put on by water transfer printing and a display of examples

Water Printing is an extremely versatile process which allows you to print a design onto almost anything that can be dipped into water.

Decorating your object is as easy as picking your design, putting the unique vinyl film onto the water, and then you dipping your object!

Camouflage, fiberglass, floral, flames, skulls, and even custom patterns can be accomplished by using water transfer printing.

So you can use this printing process to design almost any project you want.

Common Objects We Have Dipped:

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